The Center for Aging and Values is a non-profit education and research group (501(c)(3)) that provides evidence-based resources to community groups, policy-makers, and government agencies to promote Elder-Friendly Communities throughout the United States. The Center was founded by Mary L. Flett, PhD in 2016.


To create a world that embraces aging, addresses inequities in aging at the local level and provides opportunities for learning about ourselves and others in community.

We accomplish this three ways:

  1. Offering high quality educational programs that explore aging for individuals and train professionals who provide services to elders;
  2. Encouraging, enhancing, and promoting personal, professional and community growth in all areas of aging; and
  3. Researching and recommending practical solutions for community-wide problems.


We envision a world where elders:

  • Are respected contributors and valued members of the communities they live in.
  • Have adequate and sufficient housing, healthcare, nutrition, and companionship throughout the lifespan; and
  • Are cared for when they are unable to care for themselves.