This page contains useful information and links to useful websites that the Center for Aging & Values believes can help you to better manage the challenges of aging.  We update this page frequently, so bookmark it and comeback to see what we’ve added!

Basic Information on Aging from the Gerontological Society of America

This is a respected academic resource for all things aging.  If you just want to dip into the occasional article, sign up for their Human Values in Aging newsletter that comes out once a month via email.

Gerontological Society of America

Online Resources for Dealing with Loss and Grief

You really don’t need to obtain a masters in counseling.  This website contains an excellent list of online resources for dealing with loss and grief.

 115 Helping Websites

Insurance Plans Covering Substance Abuse Treatment and Mental Illness

Current changes to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) as proposed by the Trump Administration include offering low-cost plans.  On first read, this sounds great.  However, when you read the fine print, you will note that the reason the plans are so “reasonable” is that they really don’t offer much coverage.  This is especially true when it comes to issues such as treating mental illness and substance abuse.  To help make your choice wisely, read through this fact sheet before you decide on any low-cost plans.

Legacy Building

End of Life Planning

Adaptation and Accommodation

Elder-Friendly Communities

Shelf-Help (Informative Books)

Who Will Take Care of Me When I Am Old ?by Joyce Loverde (2017, Lifelong Books)

When Spirit Leaps:  Navigating the Process of Spiritual Awakening by Bonnie Greenwell, PhD (2018, New Harbinger Press)